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Initiator and organiser:Dr. Rikjan Vermeulen (Secretary Stichting WBBS)
Contact for lectures and/or posters:Hans Turin
Website:Drs. Tim Opsteeg
Finances:Mr. Willem Jongbloed
Excursion:Ir. Ivo Lustenhouwer
Ir. Bas Alema
General supportAlje Woldering
Kees van der Laaken
Jan Eggers, MSc

Advisory Committee

A special committee of experienced carabidologists will help the organisers. Two of them were present at the first meeting, organised by Piet den Boer in Wijster (NL) in 1969. Should the number of oral presentations succeed forty, this committee will help the organisers to make a choice / in making their choice. Our goal is to make the program as varied and interesting as possible. The members of the committee will also be readers and advisors during the preparation of the publication of the proceedings of the meeting. The members are:

Dr. Jaap Haeck, worked from 1967 till ca. 1976 as an ecologist on the colonisation and dispersal ecology of carabids in the newly reclaimed Dutch IJsselmeerpolders. He was present in 1969 and is now retired.

Prof. Dr. Rob Hengeveld, started as a faunist in the same project, but later on he turned more and more to the theoretical side of processes in biogeography and evolution. He is professor at the Free University of Amsterdam. He was present in 1969.

Drs. Jinze Noordijk, is the youngest member of the committee. He is finishing his PhD at Wageningen University, using carabids as a subject for studying ecological infrastructure. Currently he is editor of Entomologische Berichten, the monthly journal of the Dutch Entomological Society.

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