The following 88 participants and 11 accompanying persons registered.

* Accommodation.
Reservationthe organisation will intermediate in the reservation of an accommodation during the meeting for this participant
No reservationthe organisation will NOT intermediate in the reservation of an accommodation during the meeting

Lucija Šeric-Jelaska  Croatia  Poster  No  Reservation 
Oleg Aleksandrowicz  Poland  Oral  No  Reservation 
Astrid Nygaard Alfredsen  Norway  No presentation  No  No reservation  
Bas Allema  Netherlands  Poster  No  Reservation 
Alexander Anichtchenko  Latvia  Poster  No  Reservation 
Veronika Areskoug  Norway  Poster  Yes  Reservation 
Thorsten Assmann  Germany  Oral  Yes  Reservation 
Berend Aukema  Netherlands  No presentation  No  No reservation  
Martien Baars  Netherlands  No presentation  No  No reservation  
Arvids Barsevskis  Latvia  Poster  No  Reservation 
Ortwin Bleich  Germany  Oral  Yes  No reservation  
Pietro Brandmayr  Italy  No presentation  Yes  Reservation 
Andreja Brigic  Croatia  Oral  Yes  Reservation 
Ruslan Butovsky  Russia  Oral  Yes  Reservation 
Achille Casale  Italy  No presentation  No  No reservation  
David Cuesta  Spain  Poster  No  No reservation  
Emmanuelle DAUFFY-RICHARD  France  Oral  No  Reservation 
Henk De Vries  Netherlands  No presentation  No  Reservation 
Wouter Dekoninck  Belgium  Poster  No  Reservation 
Piet den Boer  Netherlands  Oral  No  No reservation  
Izabela Dymitryszyn  Poland  Poster  No  Reservation 
Jan Eggers  Germany  No presentation  No  Reservation 
Zoltan ELEK  France  Oral  No  Reservation 
Ger Ernsting  Netherlands  Oral  No  Reservation 
Terry Erwin  United states  No presentation  Yes  Reservation 
Ron Felix  Netherlands  Poster  No  No reservation  
Paulina Garbalinska  Poland  Oral  No  Reservation 
Sergio Garcia Tejero  Spain  Poster  No  Reservation 
Avital Gasith  Israel  No presentation  Yes  Reservation 
Michael Gerisch  Germany  Oral and poster  No  Reservation 
Anita Giglio  Italy  Poster  No  Reservation 
Sergey Gryuntal  Russia  Oral  No  Reservation 
Ingmar Harry  Germany  Oral  No  Reservation 
Bjřrn Arild Hatteland  Norway  Oral  Yes  Reservation 
Theodoor Heijerman  Netherlands  No presentation  No  Reservation 
Frederik Hendrickx  Belgium  Oral and poster  Yes  Reservation 
Rob Hengeveld  Netherlands  Oral  No  No reservation  
Radomir Jaskula  Poland  Oral and poster  No  Reservation 
Matti Koivula  Finland  Oral  No  No reservation  
Hanna Koivula  Finland  Poster and flash presentation  No  Reservation 
Johan Kotze  Finland  Oral  Yes  Reservation 
Adam Kwiatkowski  Poland  Poster  No  Reservation 
Tanja Lessel  Germany  Poster  No  Reservation 
Ad Littel  Netherlands  No presentation  No  No reservation  
Wolfgang Lorenz  Germany  Oral  No  No reservation  
Edin Lugić  Croatia  Poster  No  Reservation 
Ivo Lustenhouwer  Netherlands  Poster  No  No reservation  
Ilya Lyubechanskii  Russia  Oral and poster  No  Reservation 
Gabor Lövei  Denmark  Oral  No  Reservation 
Blaise Martay  UK  Poster  No  Reservation 
Andrey V. Matalin  Russia  Oral  No  Reservation 
Andrea Matern  Germany  Oral  No  Reservation 
Jan Meijer  Netherlands  Oral  Yes  Reservation 
Dietrich Mossakowski  Germany  Oral  No  Reservation 
Maartje Nelemans  Netherlands  No presentation  No  No reservation  
Jinze Noordijk  Netherlands  No presentation  No  No reservation  
Tim Opsteeg  Netherlands  No presentation  No  No reservation  
Wilfried Paarmann  Germany  Oral  Yes  Reservation 
Luybomir Penev  Bulgaria  Oral  Yes  Reservation 
Julien Pétillon  Belgium  Oral  No  Reservation 
Roberto Pizzoloto  Italy  Oral  Yes  Reservation 
poul kry poulsen  Denmark  No presentation  Yes  Reservation 
Debbie Prins  Netherlands  No presentation  No  No reservation  
Alexandr Putchkov  Ukraine  Oral  No  Reservation 
Volodymyr Rizun  Ukraine  Poster  No  Reservation 
Alexander RUCHIN  Russia  Poster  Yes  Reservation 
Pavel Saska  Czech republic  Oral  Yes  Reservation 
Jens Schirmel  Germany  Poster  No  No reservation  
Armin Schreiner  Germany  No presentation  No  Reservation 
Andreas Schuldt  Germany  Oral  No  No reservation  
Axel Schwerk  Poland  Oral  No  Reservation 
José Serrano  Spain  Oral  No  Reservation 
Jaroslaw Sklodowski  Poland  Oral  No  Reservation 
Torstein Solhřy  Norway  No presentation  Yes  Reservation 
Mieczysław Stachowiak  Poland  Poster  No  Reservation 
Jan Szyszko  Poland  Oral  No  No reservation  
Angela Taboada  Spain  Oral  No  Reservation 
Hans Turin  Netherlands  No presentation  Yes  No reservation  
Uldis Valainis  Latvia  Poster  No  Reservation 
Robbert van der Eijk  Netherlands  No presentation  No  No reservation  
Toos van Noordwijk  Netherlands  Oral  No  Reservation 
Arnold van Vliet  Netherlands  Oral and poster  No  No reservation  
Stephen Venn  Finland  Oral  Yes  Reservation 
Rikjan Vermeulen  Netherlands  No presentation  Yes  No reservation  
Snjezana Vujcic-Karlo  Croatia  Poster  Yes  Reservation 
Gil Wizen  Israel  Oral  No  Reservation 
Tullia Zetto- Brandmayr  Italy  Poster  Yes  Reservation 
Evgeniy Zinovyev  Russia  Oral  No  Reservation 

Accompanying persons
Wil den Boer  Netherlands  No  No reservation  
Rama Gasith  Israel  Yes  Reservation 
Willem Jongbloed  Netherlands  Yes  Reservation 
Tetiana Markina  Ukraine  Yes  Reservation 
Doris Paarmann  Germany  Yes  Reservation 
Simona Panni  Italy  Yes  Reservation 
Anja Schreiner  Germany  No  Reservation 
Grace Servat  United states  Yes  Reservation 
Annelies Turin  Netherlands  Yes  No reservation  
Taco van Huizen  Netherlands  No  No reservation  
Saskia Vermeulen-Glas  Netherlands  No  No reservation  

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