September 14th-18th 2009 | Westerbork, The Netherlands

The 14th European Carabidologist Meeting was held in Westerbork - a typical "brink" village in the province of Drenthe in the Netherlands. The theme of the meeting was:

Carabid beetles as bioindicators
The use of ground beetles in ecological and environmental studies; the usefulness and threats of methods used for monitoring species and populations.

This meeting marked the 50th anniversary of long-term research in the Dwingelderveld and the 40th anniversary of the first Carabidologist Meeting in Wijster (a village 9 km from Westerbork) in 1969.

Participants of the 1st meeting in Wijster, 1969
Participants of the first meeting in Wijster, 1969. From left to right: Vlijm, Van der Aart, Lindroth, Stein, Wijmans, Hengeveld, Palmén, Van Dijk, Richter, Venema, Mook, Thiele, Tjallingii, Den Boer, Haeck, Neumann, Meijer.

40 years later...